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Taken From the


I am the might before the sword The tremors in the spear shaft I craft my ways from blazes of firestorms Absorb the failings of deadened ends To render the floors I dance upon I am the spaces between applause The roars of hearts running through Heaven’s halls

I breathe the forms of light and silence Stall the course of cosmic riots I am the glory of the giants Manaslu / Sagarmatha Watchmen of the Asian plains They yield my name Made famous through the cries Of albatross flocks enflamed in Pacific fires

I am dressed in the spray of Nevada dunes Clothed in the shadows of Sahara caves I am the light of lunar flames fleshing the rains of Amazonia I paint the trains of Antarctic quests Release dominion to desert Panthera

I authorise the remains of Aztec and Inca That bloom through the visions of mountain tribes I ride the skylines breathe the signs Ignite the paths of astronomy’s eyes I am the unheard heard in the storms that burn on my words I am the yearned for I am the Word

I emerge deciduous from the wetlands of your cries Rise through the moments you wake I bring the dawns that shake the fevers from your remembrance I am here I am imminent

I am he who crosses the plains through which you strayed Discover the parts extinction seared I dust away the dried remains of tears I drain the lakes of your regrets I wet the wells till the soil Placate the toil quell the rages Sew the broken pages With my belief in you

I bring the you you have never quite met I am the desire that keeps your pillow wet I am the heartbeat you seek when you chase after dreams In the reachings and sighs you are looking for me

In the body touching body It is me you seek In the groans and the longings It is me you seek In the yearning dream In the need-to-be-seen In the love-me love-me It is me you seek In the breath-drop wonders In the gasping hunger In the touch of a stranger That makes you feel younger In the books and the fables In the this-is-me labels In the is-this-me? Is this me? In the hear-me hear-me Say-my-name In the touch-me need-me find-me need-me In the aching pain In the love In the music In the beats And the taste In the heat In the need And the need For embrace In the colour In the gaze In the meaning The desire In the flame Of the voice And the spirit Of the fire

When you cry for more my name you weep I am he who waits for you to reach I reach for you and wait When you lie half broken and awake I am the watchman of your sleep I wait and wait til the shakings cease

I am the Truth they call release When the darkness flares and starts to speak I sculpt the shades of daybreak It is me you seek


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