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Waiting for a breakthrough??

Are you waiting for a breakthrough? Is there a deep longing within your heart that there is more and you feel like you are growing weary in the season you are in? If you answered yes to those questions, you are not alone! God is preparing you for a new birth, a new season, but he needs laborers with clean hands and pure hearts. If you feel like the veil is upon you, and your future is unclear be encouraged that God has something coming for you, but he needs you to be ready - the word says that the pure in heart will see God. If you feel that you are not seeing God, take some real time now to hear what God is trying to say to you. What part of your life needs purifying? What are you holding back or trying to keep hidden from the Lord?? When Adam and Eve sinned and they hid from the Lord - they thought he couldn't see them but the Lord knew exactly what they had done. We must realize God is a loving God and he wants our good, but we must be honest with Him about where we are at. We want a blessing, but we are not willing to go through the fire. As we spend time with the Lord, His Spirit refines us and purifies us and the breakthrough we have been longing for happens in the midst of relationship. We no longer are searching for a breakthrough, but living in a breakthrough.


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