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The Bible Project has created so much theological content that is not only solid, but they have done it with a digital craftsmanship like no other! The beautiful artwork that you see in the studies, podcasts, and posters draws you in much like the way Jesus drew in the crowds by feeding them and healing them, and then delivered life changing sermons and heart-stirring words.

Not only are there a plethora of resources, Bible Studies, Posters, Podcasts available at the Bible Project,but they offer it all completely free! There are certainly ways to donate to their ministry and you can get their artwork in cool books too, but what a blessings to have all these resources to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Check it out and see how you can grow deeper in your faith and understanding of God's word especially in a time where many are drifting away. Don't drift away, but paddle furiously into God's word by checking out the Bible Project today.



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